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We are Growing!

Started by GAB Dec 23rd, 2017 at 00:00
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GAB (Admin)
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Hi, everyone

Right this second, midnight, GAB is exactly one week old.
We have over 870 members and many more coming daily.
About 75% of the total members that we have, are active, by viewing ads daily.
We had over 300,000 unique visitors since launch.
We have suspended many accounts for cheating/fraud etc..

A BIG thank you to all advertisers and traffic exchangers

I would like to thank all who promote GAB and stay active, by viewing ads and playing GABgrid every day.

Which reminds me.. I saw some nice wins on GABgrid yesterday:

There are all kinds of nice prizes on the grid. It might surprise you.
The trick to it, is to play every day and keep playing and you will start winning bigger prizes. It's true.
The Jackpot Prize $3.573, which is often raised by a little and has not been won yet. I hope somebody gets lucky soon or I will have to keep raising it.
Good Luck

If you haven't tried one of our memberships..

Did you know?
with the Starter($6), Novice($10) and Rookie($30) memberships, you can always Earn a Profit.
Even with barely any, or no referrals at all.
You will earn a profit just by viewing ads daily and playing GABgrid.
But right now, if you buy one of the mentioned memberships, I will give you free referrals, so you will definitely be in profit. Guaranteed.
But this referral deal will only last for 24 hours. Tomorrow this time on the dot it is over. So hurry.
This deal is only good with Payza right now, as the other alternate processors are not yet available.

Payeer, PerfectMoney and Bitcoin will be coming towards the end of the year.

Let's all keep up the good work and view all available ads and stay active every day and I will make sure GAB grows bigger and bigger every day, without any downtime, errors or problems.

Bottom line:
GAB will always be fast, reliable and here for you to earn and advertise with.

Thank you

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays!
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It really seems that GAB is gong to be one of the best sites soon. You, Admin, know how to inspire people.
Wish you to keep the same spirit and keep on doing exactly what you are. 2018 is definitely a GAB year

Best regards.
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All best admin, and just keep good work.
GAB (Admin)
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Thank you guys

I appreciate it