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The Newbie Membership

Started by GAB Dec 28th, 2017 at 22:14
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GAB (Admin)
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Hi guys,

well......after many requests asking for a cheaper membership than Starter...

I decided to create the Newbie Membership which costs only $3 per month.

The Newbie Membership is for beginners or for people who can't afford more etc...

You will get 17 chances daily on GABgrid with this membership with way better chances at winning a prize.
With the Newbie membership, you will also earn more for all ad views, than Standard Membership.

If you click your ads and play GABgrid daily with the Newbie Membership, you will always make more than it costs.
You will also make even more with the Starter, Novice and Rookie memberships, than they cost.

Just login daily and view your ads and play GABgrid and you got nothing to lose.

Promote your referral link and earn a lot more.

Once you have 10, 20, 30 referrals you will start to notice a nice difference in earnings, especially if you have Novice or Rookie membership.

See all details of the Newbie Membership in our Upgrade Account section

Thank you
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good job admin ,
GAB (Admin)
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Thank you
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Awesome news came in time
keep developping the good features nice done