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[INFO] Increase Account Security

Started by SDiana Jun 03rd, 2020 at 11:40
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From time to time we still have some users who use their GAB passwords on other sites and their accounts get compromised.

By setting up Two-Factor Authentication, you can further increase the security of your GAB account.

How can you enable 2FA ?
All you need is a phone, the 2FA can be activated on iPhone/iPad and Android as well.

Click here to download the application for iPhone or iPad.
Click here to download the application for Android.

How do I set it up?
  1. After you download the application go to the 2FA page and click "ACTIVATE".
  2. Click here for 2FA page.

  3. Before you continue, make sure that you copy "Secret key" to a safe place.
  4. The "Secret key" will be used in case you can not access your phone anymore .

  5. Open your phone camera, move closer to the QR code and a new notification will show up, press on it.
  6. No need to take a picture, just follow the instructions from your phone camera.
    The application that you just installed will open and a code for "GAB" will show.
    Insert the code into the "Verification Code" label.

  7. Press the "Activate" button.

  8. Congratulations, you just paired your GAB account with 2FA.

The two-factor authentication code will be requested when you try to login to your account, change your settings or request a payment.

Best regards,
Moderator - Stanica

Security Reminder:
Please always ensure that your GAB password is strong and unique and that you are NOT using it on any other websites.
Enable the 2FA authentication by clicking here.
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