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Cheating on GABgrid

Started by GAB 2019-05-15 at 00:05
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Hello everyone,

For the members who think they are clever and cheat on the grid..

From now on, if we catch you cheating on the grid, we will give you a warning in your email at first.

The second time we catch you cheating, we will minus your Total Grid Winnings from your Account Balance.

If we catch you cheating a third time, your account will be suspended.

You are supposed to click on a number and find the destination pages or links in order to earn points and cash prizes.

GABgrid was made the way it is, so that it supports us.

If you cheat, you are stealing money from us.

You don't go through the captcha's and we don't get paid, yet you take winnings by cheating. This is stealing.

I created GAB for the people who want to earn money fairly, in a safe environment, where you always get paid on time.

If you came here to cheat and steal, you don't belong here and will end up getting suspended.

Don't ruin your chance at earning with GAB, for many years to come.

Thank you
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